Huntleigh Healthcare have announced this month that the manufacture of the Atlas manual and programmable tilt and turn bed frame and associated accessories has now been discontinued and can no longer be purchased. The reasons behind the withdrawal appear to the fact that this product serves a small niche market coupled with forthcoming changes to European equipment regulations related to the manufacturing and operating of these beds and accessories.

The Atlas manual tilt and turn bed will continue to be available for rental purpose, but the skull traction has been withdrawn from the rental fleet.

Huntleigh will continue to supply replacement parts for the full 10 year period from date of last manufacture. Warranty guidelines remain unaffected.

This is an unfortunate circumstance given the valuable service which this type of bed has provided within the care and management of people with acute SCI within its many models over the years. It is particularly grieving for the network of SCI Centre teams and SCI Link-Workers who along with members of the National Back Exchange have worked to promote the broader use and suitability of these beds within the safer manual handling and positioning of critical and complex patients overall, as well as spinal and SCI cases. Some of you have succeeded in introducing this bed as a new piece of equipment within your trauma and critical care pathways or updating older models of this bed.

The SCI network including the National SCI Care Pathway and Parliamentary Groups will be informed of this event to assist in addressing this loss and to explore actions/options to be pursued.

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